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About the Company Owner

The owner of Acorn Wood Floors, Michael, is a college-educated, highly skilled artisan, with an extensive foundation of working with wood, which began with college-level training as a cabinetmaker. In the industry for more than 25 years, he has completed more than 1,000 flooring projects, and has honed his skills to handle both complicated and demanding levels of work.

A Touch for Quality

To ensure consistent quality, he has never employed a helper. Additionally, he has never had someone in training, or someone who may not have the highest level of respect and care within a client's home. The demand for his skills and method of operation has brought him to work on a historic home in Georgia.

Michael is multi-faceted, as he is even a four-time champion in national events, competing nationally and internationally in cross-country, skiing, and marathon canoe racing. Customers have said, "This guy knows what he's doing."

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